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"Focus & Concentration"
Sunday, July 23
6 - 8 pm

Are you all too familiar with that afternoon slump?  Do you ever diagnose yourself with "brain fog"?  
When that fog strikes and you are feeling tired, you simply can not concentrate.  Essential oils can be really effective and help with focus and concentration. Learn what oils will help to recharge your day!
Bonus: beyond the stimulant effects, these oils will improve your mood and emotions, too.  Oh yes!  I need this!

**Rollerball and Zyto Scan Stations will also be available!**

Refreshments are provided and the class is free
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Want to learn more about essential oils and their uses?
Come learn about what essential oils are, why they should be important to you and your family, 
and how you can use them in your home on a daily basis.  
Our classes are  free and available throughout the year.  

Introduction to Essential Oils 
This class will discuss the basics of essential oils, and specifically ten of the most beneficial oils we sell: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Meleluca (tea tree oil), Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, breathe, DigestZen and OnGuard.  

The Emotional Oils
Stress. Anxiety. Focus.  How is your emotional wellness?  The outside influences of our life impacts us daily.  Come learn why your emotional health is important and ways to improve your health--and those of your family--in a simple, safe and natural way.  Bring a friend and join us for this interesting & informal class.

Winter Wellness: Kick the Sick!
Looking for a natural way to fight sicknesses?  Essential oils help prevent and reduce the severity of a cold, cough, virus, fever or flu.  
EOs have been used for centuries to fight off infections and serve to strengthen the immune system, but how do you use the oils correctly?  Which oils are most effective? How do you use them?  Is there a difference when used by an adult, child or senior?  Take advantage of the healing benefits of essential oils and stay healthy during the cold and flu season!

Aches & Pains
For centuries, essential oils have been used to aid the body in addressing all kinds of health problems.  Many not only help to relieve pain, but also help to improve mood and overall health at the same time!
If you suffer from chronic pain associated with arthritis, lower back pain, headaches & migraines, fibromyalgia or other aches and pains that come from daily living, then you will want to learn more from our essential oils specialist.  Take control of your sore and painful muscles and get some relief with natural remedies. 

Now What?!
You're interested in essential oils...and you may have even have some in your home.  You are excited to use them, but now what do you do with them again?  It is a learning process and we are here to help answer that "now what?" question in this informational free class.  Bring your questions and bring a friend!

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